Why Should I Draw?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why should I draw? I’m no good at it and no one will ever like what I have created.” Those reasons are not valid reason not to draw. You will continue to get better the more you draw and there will always be people who like what you have created. There are also many GREAT reasons to draw, so many that I don’t have time to communicate them all, but here are a few reasons.

First, drawing helps reduce stress and makes you happier.

Your doesn’t have to look good. Doesn’t the thought of a dog-turned-banana creature, trying to do a cartwheel, bring a smile to your face? As long as you had fun drawing your creation, that is all that matters. Doodling during boring lectures can also help you focus a little better. If your art boosts your mood, or the mood of others around you, it was worth your time.

Second, drawing can help build your confidence.

Everyone is a little scared when they try something new. But that fear starts to disappear the more you do it. Growing confident in one area of your life can help you gain confidence in other areas. You could draw comics of yourself being a superhero and doing brave things, and allow that confidence to ooze into real life.

Third, there are many uses for drawing in real life.

Builders cannot build a house without a blueprint, tailors cannot sew clothing without a pattern, and comics wouldn’t exist without someone to draw them. True, there are many ways to create those digitally in our modern world. But people didn’t always have the luxury of technology. They had to draw everything by hand.

Finally, the best reason to draw is that you can do it anywhere!

All you need is some kind of drawing tool and something to draw on. I could not make a conclusive list of all the random things I have written on in my lifetime. You can draw on paper, napkins, yourself, dirt, rocks, sidewalks, etc. You can draw at home, at a restaurant, on the beach, in your car, anywhere inspiration strikes you.

These are just a few reasons for why you should draw. If you still aren’t convinced, just do a quick Google search or click the links I’ve provided below. There are always more reasons for why you should be drawing.

What is your reason for not drawing? Do you have a plan to overcome your doubts? Let me know down below!

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